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Share Your Program

The Centre of Best Practice in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention (CBPATSISP) Clearing House highlights best practice programs and services to assist communities, Primary Health Networks and service provider organisations to identify effective and culturally responsive activities relevant to their specific needs.

If you would like to share information about your program or service to assist others in developing their own programs and services, identify successful approaches, and to learn from your experiences, please register your interest by filling in the Registration Form below. If you would like to promote our initiative you can download the flyer here (research version) or here (community version). You can refer to the Centre’s program criteria to ensure your program or service meets the suggested criteria. A member of our team will then contact you to finalise your submission for inclusion on our website.

Please share programs and services that have been evaluated independently or within your organisation. If your program or service has not been evaluated, but it has been well received by your community, we also want to hear from you. If you are interested in formal evaluation of your program or service, you can refer to the list of evaluators at the bottom of this page, which all have experience in evaluating Indigenous programs. (Please note, there are fees involved for services provided by an evaluator.)

Principles Informing Best Practice
Best practice principles that strengthen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ social and emotional wellbeing are culturally based, community driven and recognise the need for self-determination. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Evaluation Project (ATSISPEP) research found that successful programs and services were underpinned by these principles which are key indicators of program and service quality.

How to submit your program or service
To register your interest, please fill in the Registration Form below.

You can reach the Centre by emailing us.

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