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Best Practice Programs and Services

The Centre of Best Practice in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention (CBPATSISP) promotes evidence-based suicide prevention practice that empowers individuals, families and communities and respects their culture.

The Clearing House shares promising and best practice programs and services in order to recognise the important work that communities are doing and to support others to further develop their own suicide prevention initiatives. The programs listed have been evaluated holistically by the CBPATSISP team and are strongly guided by the criteria below:


Indigenous Ownership
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were involved in the development, implementation and governance of the program or service, and lead the operations and delivery of the program
  • Evidenced by Indigenous-led steering committee or advisory group.
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    Community Leadership
    The program or service is working within or with the local Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service, and/or has relationships or integrates with other Indigenous community organisations, programs or services.
  • Evidenced by formal partnerships or collaborations.
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    Community Consultation and Co-design
    • An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community reference group was established for the program or service, and included key stakeholders or members of the target group (e.g., youth, Elders, consumers, carers, LGBTQI+, lived experience) and meetings were held regularly.
    • Evidenced by minutes of meetings.



    Ongoing program or service evaluation is in place to ensure continuous quality improvement, including feedback from participants or community, during delivery or after completion of the program or service.

    • Evidenced by internal review documenting any resulting action plan, including timeline and status update when actioned.


    Cultural Responsiveness

    Non-Indigenous staff have undertaken cultural responsiveness and safety training.

    • Evidenced by documentation of completion of training.


    Capacity Building

    The program builds Indigenous community capacity through the training, mentoring and support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to lead and deliver future similar programs or services.

    • Evidenced by plans for training and other capacity building activities.
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