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Discover CBPATSISP: A Comprehensive Website Navigation Guide

Discover the CBPATSISP website with ease through our guided video series. Led by Aunty Tjalaminu Mia and Michael Mitchell, these videos walk you through our website’s home page, main sections, and the Manual of Resources. Join us in exploring valuable tools and resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide prevention, all aimed at helping you navigate and contribute to this important cause.
Introduction – Navigating Home Page of the Website
Aunty Tjalaminu Mia will guide you in exploring the home page of our website. Relax and let her show you the main sections, including ‘About Us’, ‘Clearing House’, ‘Our Work’, ‘Fact Sheets’, and more.
Navigating Main Components of the Website
In this video, Aunty Tjalaminu Mia helps you explore the essential sections of our website like Clearing House, Our Work, and Statistics. Discover the wealth of information and resources tailored to support your suicide prevention journey, from programs and services to collaborative projects and statistics.
Navigating the Manual of Resources for Mob
Join Aunty Tjalaminu Mia as she guides you through the Manual of Resources, designed to provide tailored guidance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Discover a wealth of resources categorised for individuals, families, friends, and communities, offering practical advice and support.
Navigating the Manual of Resources for Health Practitioners and Funding Organisations
Join Michael Mitchell as he guides you through the Manual of Resources tailored for health practitioners and funding organisations. Explore resources that address the full spectrum of suicide prevention, promoting cultural responsiveness and offering valuable tools and checklists for commissioning services.
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